Gold Note offers a complete audio line to create first class stereo systems, from the analog or digital source to the loudspeakers. Gold Note products are characterized by an elegant design and both innovative technologies and artisanal tradition, two values that reflect our search for specifically Italian audio solutions in the best way.

  1. Foundation

    Gold Note was born from the desire to offer to a larger audience the ideas and the potential that only an all-Italian brand specialized in High-End could express. That is, high-quality audio equipment with a distinct and elegant design and innovative in-house technologies.

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  2. For Vinyl Lovers

    Bellagio Reference is beauty, form and technology at the service of sound. Deriving from Bellagio Conquest, known for having the longest platter spindle (270 mm) ever created for a turntable, the Reference is our homage to vinyl lovers. Both models are still available as Limited Editions.

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  3. The Italian Turntable

    Creating the Mediterraneo, Gold Note introduced its second turntable line which unite elegance and performance. The unmistakable design of the curved plinth is based on the concept “resistance by form” benefiting from the potential of the catenary curve inspired by Michelangelo. Following are the models Giglio and Pianosa, examples of the extraordinary Italian craftsmanship.

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  4. Extraordinary Performances

    Gold Note launches one of the most innovative phono stages on the market with two inputs, six EQ curves and TFT color display. Every single part of the phono stage was developed with attention to detail and every PH-10 is handmade in Italy using only the best analogue components.

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  5. The Shape of Sound

    XS-85 is the new top of the line loudspeaker which stands out from the previous models thanks to its original curved modular design of elevated rigidity. The sonic and aesthetic shape are indissolubly united in a creation which demonstrates the great mastership of Italian cabinet makers.

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  6. Contemporary High-Fidelity

    Creating the first integrated amplifier ever made by Gold Note the brand turns to the contemporary audiophiles offering an innovative all-in-one solution including an entire High-End stereo system in one elegant box. IS-1000 represents best how we define the musicality of tomorrow.

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  7. More is more

    Integrating a state-of-the-art DAC, a Streamer, a Headphones amp and an audio analogue preamp stage, this little wonder of digital music reproduction is a real value for money unit offering outstanding audio performances featuring Bluetooth 5.0 and a dedicated App for iOs.

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