The latest firmware (FW) v.153 includes:

– Implemented 4 steps Display light dimerising, 100% light power, 50% light power, 25% light power, Off selectable options.

– Storage of all functions selected including the Dimmer light power options even after the unit is switched Off.

– Corrected some minor bugs in the Micro Control Unit (MCU).

For all units having serial number <56802 it is necessary to update the unit for the first time at your GN dealer or GN authorised service.


Before updating the unit please verify your PH-10 actually needs it. With the Master Switch of the rear panel turned OFF, push and hold the front panel SKC rotary switch knob, then, at the same time, turn the Master Switch on the rear panel ON. The display will show the installed firmware version. If it’s not the V153 or the display does not show anything the unit should be updated.

After the registration you will be able to download the firmware update package and PDF guide in a single compressed file that needs to be extracted.

Please verify the mini-USB cable necessary to connect the PH-10 to the computer works properly before starting the update.

Do not reset the PH-10 if the computer does not show the unit visible once connected otherwise the PH-10 memory will be completely erased making a factory re-booting necessary.