Valore 425 Lite

Offering great value for money (in Italian “valore” means “value/worth”), Valore 425 Lite is the perfect entry level for vinyl enthusiasts. Entirely handmade in Italy with quality materials, this classic turntable speaks of Italy’s great design tradition. Valore 425 Lite inherits many technical solutions from our flagship series The Italian Turntables and comes in a bundle with a 9″ tonearm and dustcover. Easy to set up and extremely reliable, this source will give you many hours of fine audio pleasure!


The Valore 425 Lite turntable is the best way to enjoy vinyls, a real performer to be used in a large variety of High-End systems. It features a 30mm thick plinth, wisely shaped around the motor and the platter’s bearing to drastically reduce unwanted vibrations. The platter is 20mm thick and it’s made using a special sandwich of HDF covered with Poly-Acetal (POM) able to enhance damping effect. Designed with a gap of just 3mm, such short platter/plinth distance helps in reducing noise and allows great rotational stability. Valore 425 Lite features a 9″ tonearm derived from our acclaimed B-5.1 model and an exclusive high quality Dust Cover that protects the turntable and can be easily removed due to its custom detachable hinges.


The high precision platter bearing and spindle comes directly from the premium models to achieve the best audio quality in the category. A new polished hourglass motor pulley allows the belt to spin smoothly and effortlessly, reducing the wow&flutter and the noise. Valore 425 Lite features a 12Volt synchronous motor we developed using a special micro-controlled D/A Converter able to perfectly reshape the sinusoidal AC curve. Powered by our new proprietary design, the D/A Converter micro-controlled motor guarantees high precision speed and allows a perfect phase, controlling even the power in order to achieve high torque force at the start, and then smartly reducing the intensity once the speed is stabilized to minimize vibrations.

Finishes Valore 425 Lite

Main Plinth: Black Lacquered
Metal Parts: Black or Silver
Platter: Black or Opaline White


425mm W, 170mm H, 360mm D



Wow & Flutter:





33-1/3 and 45 rpm +/-0,1%

Speed Changing

electronic with pitch


70 shore rectified NBR belt


12 Volt High Torque


20mm solid HDF covered with POM

Platter Spindle

special Split-Spindle™

Platter Bearing

Chromed Steel 5mm ball bearing with adjustable brass seat, in aluminium case with two Graphite & Teflon elastic inner guides


Gold Note 9" Ball Bearing (derived from B-5.1 tonearm) included

Acrylic Dust Cover

included, with hinges


Mains supply: 100/115/230V, 50/60Hz auto selection
Power consumption: max. 20Watt


PST-10 external inductive power supply for turntables
Gold Note B-7 Ceramic